How Are You?

Often we ask people; “How are you?”.

Sometimes that phrase is simply a greeting directed towards strangers without a true interest in knowing how they really are. Other times, you will ask that question to a friend or loved one, sincerely wanting to know the answer. But how often do you ask yourself that question?

So how ARE you doing?
Have you taken any time lately to check in with yourself?
Perhaps you could take a moment right now?

I invite you to take a deep breath. Bring your attention to your bodily sensations and notice places where you may feel tense. Breathe into those tense areas while reminding yourself that it is perfectly ok to give yourself a few moments to just “be” and connect with wonderful you.

Now gently focus on your emotional state. Are you happy, sad, lonely, depressed, frustrated, anxious?

Allow just one moment to acknowledge your true feelings. If they are unpleasant feelings, you may notice yourself not wanting to feel them. If so, that’s ok, allowing ourselves to feel the unpleasant takes practice.

Whatever you observe and feel, simply notice. If you are happy, allow a smile across your face. If you feel sad; allow tears to come if they are there. Whatever you are feeling in this moment, all you have to do is acknowldge, honor, and thank the feelings for the information, and allow them as much space as you can.

Because our feelings ebb and flow naturally, happiness and sadness will come and go. If you practice non-judgmental observance of emotions versus repressing them, you will be well on our way to authentic living in the moment, and the flexibility to embrace the wholeness of life, with all of it’s imperfections.

Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

Janice Borghoff is the Founder of A Peaceful Woman ~ Find Your Inner Calm and is a Certified Medical Meditation and Stress Management Consultant.

6 thoughts on “How Are You?

  1. Nice job, mi Janissimo, nice job!

  2. Jim says:

    kinda like stopping to smell your own roses ! Nice blog !

  3. judyringer says:

    Thank you, Janice, for the centering moment.

  4. Liz. says:

    “Squirming” under the weight of our feelings is common to us all. And the idea that we ought to give the emotion some consideration is important to putting things in manageable perspective.

    Go Janice!

    • dma58 says:

      I finally had time to REALLY read this and take this in due to my busy schedule. Could of used these words of wisdom when I was really busy. Thank you, my dear friend!

  5. Nan Barnes says:

    I just read it for the 2nd time and i am feeling like I need to take care of myself and am giving myself permission to relax! thankyou for sharing this Love nanie

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