It’s that time of the year here in New England. The air is crisp and it has a hint of the aromatics of “Fall”, my favorite time of year.

I was born in the fall and I have a theory that people’s favorite season is the one they were born in. Is that true for you? Perhaps not, but it’s certainly true for me.

It is 7:34 pm as I write this and my darkened window reminds me that winter and the time to go within is near. That very reminder is a perfect opportunity for me to practice mindfulness and being in the moment.

Today I already thought of where the snow blower would go in the garage. I wondered what kind of weather challenges this winter would bring. I then realized that I was not in the present moment. I was distracted from sniffing the subtle change in the air and feeling the coolness of the fall breeze against my skin. In my mind I was already plowing my driveway, ridding it of the millions of snow flurries that will inevitably visit. Ahhh, a wonderful reminder that living in the moment is practice, no matter how long you’ve been practicing, there’s always more to learn.

I personally am someone who needs light. Sunshine that lasts deep into the night on summer days is like eating my favorite flavored ice cream cone; delicious. The darker months of the fall and winter challenge me as they do many other people. I can feel my body already responding to that change with tomorrow being the cusp of September’s bloom.

As the years go by faster and faster, I notice not wanting each season to end because it only reminds me of how fast my life is going. The gift however is that I am reminded of time passing. This reminder gets the fire in my belly burning all that much hotter to do something meaningful with whatever time I have left on this rock that someone named “Earth”.

So this fall, I will practice gratefulness that I have lived to experience once again, the crisp cool air and the smell of the first log in the fireplace. I will “practice” smelling the scent of the day, in the moment, and when the first snowflake does arrive, I will smile.

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3 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. the cusp of September’s bloom….NICE. Well put and nicely done, Janice.

  2. Barbara Walsh says:

    Beautiful essay and I can relate to the sadness about summer ending. I often wish I could turn back the clock and make it June again. I try to remind myself to live in the moment, too, but it’s hard. Looking forward to some advice from A Peaceful Woman on living in the ‘now.’

  3. Rebecca Andrews says:

    Indeed Janice, Beautiful !!
    I also love my birthday month , which is the end of August as you know. It’s sweetness for me are the memories of summer shared, playing under the warm August sun, skin golden from the many days at the beach, wave jumping and body surfing, the countless jars of lightening bugs I would capture, watch, feed and then release in my youthful days, and OH! the crickets, curping me forward into slumber. Love that sound, still today. But I think the most heartfelt days of August is because of my dearest mother. I feel her presence, always, but more so on the day that we’ve always shared together. Birth….. past, present and forever. It is my truely most joyous day. Thank you beautiful mother for the endless memories of your songs, smiles and warm loving kisses and hugs. And thank you my beautiful friend for again bringing me to “happy thoughts and sunshine” xoxo

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