Ever Felt Cranky?


Someone asked me the other day “how are you” and I said “CRANKY!!”. That person responded by saying; “gee,,,,in a weird way, I’m kinda relieved to hear that you get cranky sometimes too”.

That conversation got me thinking. Perhaps I need to remind us all that being a peaceful woman does not mean that we sit and meditate all day long and are in bliss 24/7. Being a peaceful woman is about embracing our true feelings in the moment; happy, sad, mad, scared, frustrated, angry or just plain cranky!

Some days are not easy. Sometimes our bodies hurt or our hearts are broken. Sometimes we just want to close all the shades and curl up in a ball. Those are the times when we need to be especially kind to ourselves. That kindness may mean that we need to be alone to lick our wounds or, it may mean that we need to talk to a friend who will just listen without trying to fix us.Whatever we need during our tough days, it’s ok to ask and to receive kindness from ourselves and other’s until we come back to our center.Becoming a peaceful woman is a process of opening up our hearts to ourselves and embracing all of who we are, the good, the bad and the ugly. With practice, it really is possible to feel our most ugly inside and still love ourselves. It is an unfolding process that comes over time. I’m still learning as I go. Some days are easier than others but I am moving along.

So the next time your crank monster comes to call, try telling yourself: “you’re cranky and it’s ok, I love you anyway, this will pass”. Take a deep breath, take some time and if all else fails, a little chocolate may help. ; )

Janice Borghoff is a Certified Meditation and Stress Management Consultant and Founder of A Peaceful Woman ~ Find Your Inner Calm


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2 thoughts on “Ever Felt Cranky?

  1. Jim says:

    The website looks great ! No need to be cranky about that !! 🙂

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