THE WORLD NEEDS TO END…at least as we know it….

Another shooting in Pennsylvania today, probably not the last. These times challenge our souls. The physical world may not be ending today, but the call to change our “old ways” is upon us.

What are the “old ways”? Too much value being placed on material things. The need for bigger homes, fancier cars, all to impress people that we don’t even know or like. We crave the newest electronics, designer clothing and a forever amount of chemical and material distractions that we have all used to stay numb and separate from our very own souls. We blame others for our troubles without a mirror in sight. Jealousy, hate and fear dominates over love, forgiveness and understanding. We live in the past or in fear of the future instead of being present with what is right in front of our noses. Gratitude is mostly saved for once a year and many are just surviving until it’s their turn to die. These,,,are some of the “old ways”.

In addition, we have moved away from embracing ourselves as a reflection of God. We have become separate and disconnected to the very source that brought us here to begin with. The source is love, no matter what religion connects us there,,,the oneness of them all is love. It may be cliché’…but we ARE ALL ONE…when we hate another, we are hating ourselves. We cannot recognize in someone else that which we do not have within ourselves. That is not a new concept and I take no credit for thinking of it. But today, my spirit was moved to remind us all; if we are to raise our consciousness and begin real change in the world, we need to connect with God, Spirit, Source and remember; we are here to LOVE and be loved. Another cliché’?  perhaps, but I’ll take that over what we’ve got going on now in a heartbeat.

Some may argue;  “But there are evil people who do bad things, how can I love them?”   We can send someone love and forgiveness without condoning what they have done. We don’t have to hang out with them or befriend them, forgiveness does not require that. One possible question that we can ask ourselves is: What are these people reflecting about US?  We all have the potential of evil and illness within us, just as we all have Cancer cells in our bodies.  Why do some people express that outwardly while others do not? I don’t pretend to know,,,but  perhaps these evil doer’s are here to teach us forgiveness and compassion for yes, even “evil”.  Light will always win out over darkness,,,that is the “Cool Aid” that I drink every morning and will continue to do so.

As we observe what is happening around us, may we stay connected with our hearts and remember that it sometimes gets worse before it gets better. The tragedies of the world reflect many lessons reminding us of what needs to shift within us. May we hold each other’s hands through dark times and hold the light for each other as we shed what no longer serves us as we move closer to love, spirit and oneness.

I am so grateful to be here during these turbulent times because I do believe; the capacity and practice of love will raise the vibration to meet the occasion, and when that happens, man will I be glad I signed on for the ride.

Janice Borghoff is a Certified Meditation and Stress Management Consultant and Founder of A Peaceful Woman ~ Find Your Inner Calm

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